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NEW LGL Leukemia Program at UVA!

tinacancio Message
20 Aug 2015, 02:08 PM

Per UVA Health System​ and the LGLL Research Team, "I am happy to report that we have just gone live with our new LGL program website! We are now featured on UVA’s Cancer Center site as a Specialty Program and Clinic. This is of course just the first phase of release with plans for more scientific and interactive content to be added in the coming months." This is such a wonderful and comprehensive NEW program specifically for LGLL patients only! The first of it's kind worldwide and the LGL Leukemia FOUNDATION is so happy to be apart of this groundbreaking research. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION! "Your link text":
lgll Message
30 Aug 2016, 04:23 AM

Thanks for the info.