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hi Idgie

lorraine230 Message
9 Feb 2009, 06:13 PM

Just a post to say hi. How long have you had FMD? Hmm I know there are a lot more of us out there with it.I've applied to be in a study at the NIH in Baltimore. I have heard many great things about the Dr conducting the study from other FMD patients. I haven't had much luck in finding a specalist around here.. I have it in both of my internal carotid arteries.Where is yours located?
lorraine230 Message
1 Mar 2009, 02:14 PM

Idgie Glad to hear that Mary's surgery was success.Hope that she is healing and feeling better everyday. sounds like she has been through quite a lot and is a very strong person. She is lucky to have apartner that is as supportive and involved in her health as you are. Hope that by now she is feeling much stronger. Too bad about the artery not being able to be donated.
lorraine230 Message
28 Mar 2009, 02:09 PM

Sorry to hear of all the complications that Mary hs had.. How is she feeling now? What B/P meds is she on now? You both must have been frieightened to say the least when her pressured soared that high. I don't remember if you said that she had dissected an artery before. That was something that happened when mine tore. Fortunatly(sp) MIne has been healing nicely on it's own. Pretty amazing what our bodies can do. I hope that Mary is feeling better and that she will be on the mend soon. She sounds like a very strong person and lucky to have apartner that is as supportive as you. Take care and post back when you get the chance.. Yes this FMD stuff !! UGH!