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Podcast Follow up Announcement-RareShare-RG-Team

deepask1 Message
7 Apr 2015, 01:53 AM

Hello everyone, Thank you so much for your responses! This is Deepa, I am Project Manager for Scientific Programs at RGI/RareShare leadership team and I will be coordinating the webinar/podcast sessions. Due to significant interest with in the Adrenomyeloneuropathy Community, we welcome suggestions of Scientist/Researchers & Clinicians if you have and you would like to see participate in possible podcast/webinar sessions, please share information. We are also working to identify individual experts in Adrenomyeloneuropathy for webinar/podcast session. We are aiming to coordinate in the next few weeks on their availability and willingness to participate. We will try our best to accommodate different time zones/scheduling needs for all of you. Please look out this space for associated information. Also, take a look at our rareshare RG webpage on "Adrenomyeloneuropathy": Regards, RareShare Team