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Problems with vision/glaucoma

seifert09 Message
12 Nov 2014, 02:38 AM

New to the forum with a question about vision. i was informed about 12 years ago I had AMN and thus far have not noticed much in the way of negative effects. Recently I found that i have glaucoma and I was just inquiring if anyone else has vision problems as I feel this might be due to the AMN and not 100% glaucoma. I am 36 year old male in overall good health aside from the eyes any info would be helpful.
lowrider38 Message
5 Dec 2014, 12:51 PM

Are you on any medications? Glaucoma is a result of clogged ducts in the eye which impair drainage and leads to a build up fluid and therefore pressure. This pressure pushes on and can damage your optic nerve and eventually over time cause blindness. I'm 28 and have high eye pressure due to steroid medications related to our condition, this is one of their side effects. Glaucoma test should be ran yearly after age 40 so this is a little premature than usual if its from a natural cause. My eye pressure was double what it is supposed to be but with eye drops it has been brought back to a normal range. These drops increase the rate at which the fluid in your eyes drain. Latanoprost, prescription only. Hope this helps.