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Brown-Sequard Syndrome

Mac1946 Message
2 Feb 2009, 06:50 PM

I am a female diagnosed with Brown-Sequard Syndrome.This happened after surgery for a badly herniated c5/c6 disc. After the surgery which involved Discectmy,Fusion and PlatingI found I had no use of my Left hand and could not stand properly or take any weight on my left leg.After a week I was sent to a rehab Unit and with intensive therapy was able to get some movement in my fingers and walk with the aid of a walking frame. After discharge I attended Outpatients Rehab for another two months. I had not yet realised the other symptoms as yet until I walked on the cold tiles on morning without my slippers then I noticed that my left foot felt the cold but the right was normal body heat. I tested this again in the shower as I had not thought too much about it til then and found my leg going red under the hot water but it only felt warm. I also at this stage bumped my leg and felt no pain thought that was strange so deliberately hit myself again no pain, I talked to them at Rehab and they sent me straight in to my specialist and he explained the new diagnosis. I had often wondered why I had not felt any pain on my Right hip where they had taken the Bone Graft from as I had been told this would be the most painful site. There has been some down time mostly due to frustration at not being able to do all the things I could before. If theres others with this complaint let me know.