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How old were you when you first noticed symptoms?

missnd Message
24 Sep 2014, 06:18 PM

Hi all. How old were you when you noticed something was wrong? What symptoms were you experiencing? My partner first noticed symptoms around 20 years old that was in 2010. He had lower back pain,his walking was different even people were asking him if he had injured his leg or some sort and he was always tired. We didn't think much of it at the time, he just thought he was tired, and with working all day he thought that was probably why his legs felt different. Just wanted to hear others stories. Thanks Nicole
Aish Message
25 Sep 2014, 02:41 PM

Hi Nicole My husband first noticed that he was tripping up more often when he was about 40 yrs old. Hospital did a lot of tests for the usual things but didn't diagnose him. It progressed gradually to one stick until age 50 then crutches and now at age 59 he uses crutches around the house but a wheelchair or scooter when outside. Only got diagnosed 4 years ago when his grandson was born with it and had the Addisons aspect of it. He worked until age 57 but it wasn't a very physical job so he could keep going until the commute combined with getting about in general made him retire.As your partner is still so young he has plenty of time to train for some other kind of work. Best to be doing something rather than just identifying as a "full time disabled person" rather than "a person who happens to have a disabiity" at such a young age. Most of the people on this site are fighting to keep a life together despite this illness and that's really the secret to not letting it beat him. My husband has stiff legs and very sensitive feet (cannot walk on uneven surfaces at all). No balance and problems with bladder control and the usual effects of loss of muscle control are typical.Currently no Addisons. He does exercises on the bed every morning to keep legs and back flexible - seems to be beneficial. No pain usually but often pulls ligaments around the ankle area which is very painful.Hopefully your partners symptoms will progress as slowley as mine's. It's a tough deal though. Best wishes.
missnd Message
26 Sep 2014, 11:32 AM

Hi. Yes that was one of my partners symptoms tripping up a lot but we realise now that was probably his foot drop and thats why he was kicking the floor and tripping. He can't pick his feet up properly like say I could. Yeah the reason he did stop work was because it was physically draining! 8 hours a day on a building site on roofs on occasions he's really struggled to get back down even once getting stuck and having to be rescued. He was lifting heavy stuff while trying to keep his balance he said he just couldn't do it anymore. It was hard, even for a an active healthy lad they would find it tiring, so thinking about my partner I can't believe how long he lasted even though he had thenough choice to quit. My partner has stiff legs, terrible balance and bladder issues like your husband and also does his exercises in a morning and at night before bed. He never spends his days feeling down, even though I know it does. He just gets on with his life. I like him for that but ill always tell him to talk to me about anything if he's feeling really down. We have to be there as much as we can. He knows I will. Take care Thanks
mikewithers Message
27 Sep 2014, 10:04 AM

hello everyone. I would like to tell you about me which is very similar to what you've been dealing with. I've had AMN about 10 years now but I'm only 40. If you want to know more, email and I'll tell you all about it. thank you
wardjdnhbba Message
28 Sep 2014, 11:36 AM

My husbands symtoms started in his early 20's with just being a little clumsy and stiffness in his legs. He said he first noticed he was stiff when he tried to run. He is now 48. He walks with a walker that has brakes and a seat, so when his back hurts he can sit down. He also has a scooter that he uses when we go to the store or outdoor events. Everyone seems to have different symptoms. John has two other brothers, both were diagnosed with addisons disease in their early years, like 7-12yrs old. His brother M symtoms didn't start till mid 30's but progress very quickly and passed at age of 38. His brother C is in his 40's and is still walking and I think he uses a cane sometimes. He also goes to the ymca and does some exercise and I believe he can ride a bike still. This is one of those diseases you really can not predict. Best wishes, Deb