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Tummyache Message
18 Sep 2014, 11:06 PM

Has anyone been diagnosed with this - Congenital Glucose Galactose Malabsorption Deficiency [CGGM or GGM as it is known]- as an adult? This is a serious, life-long genetic disease which usually is diagnosed the first weeks of an infants life [if a doctor is really sharp and knows what to look for, that is -- at least it is in the current medical books now as a brief note] ----It most definitely IS NOT your usual smug diagnosis of "Lactose Intolerance" that gastroentrologists and family doctors insist is the answer to everything. [I'm sorry if I sound grouchy, but I am so tired of having to explain to doctors that taking a pill form of lactase replacement IS NOT going to cure this!!!!] I almost didn't make it as a baby, then sickly growing up, and still fighting continually with my diet into my 70's. I eat an absolutely-100%-dairy-free + gluten free + as-low-sugar- as-I-can-make-it diet. See the following for a good start to your research : []