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Fish Oil

Unsworthj Message
8 Apr 2014, 03:19 PM

Is it OK for us to take a Fish Oil supplement like Omega 3? I guess it's oil, and I guess it's fat, but I was told that there is no VLCFA and it's good for us. Anyone know? I know most docs rec'd fish oil for most everyone else.....
Charlie2699 Message
8 Apr 2014, 06:17 PM

My neurologist told me it wouldn't hurt as far as the disease is concerned and it would raise my good cholesterol.
Unsworthj Message
9 Apr 2014, 02:50 PM

Thanks Charlie! I don't have a neurologist because I can't find anyone around here that knows what AMN / ALD is! Whenever I hear "fat" in food or elsewhere, I wonder if it will make things worse. Thanks again, John
justme2 Message
9 Jul 2014, 12:16 AM

I know I'm late to the "fish oil" party, but thought since I'm new here, I'd chime in. I am looking into using fish oil myself (I am a newly diagnosed female carrier with AMN) and I always found that fish oil (high dose) helped me feel better over all in the past (for things like depression and "achiness") so I wanted to start back on it. Some of my own searching has led to research that the DHA may be helpful in VLCFA disorders, so I think I'm going to give it a try. I actually found rareshare by searching for this exact info. Good luck to you all.
Unsworthj Message
9 Jul 2014, 01:59 AM

Hi justme2 , since I put this post up, I've talked to several people in the know, and it seems that fish oil is okay. In fact, very good for you. It's the very long chain fatty acids that is the problem, and fish oil does not come under that category. Good luck to you too. John