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Massage therapy/ Chiropractor??

Larry Message
7 Mar 2014, 06:09 PM

Has anyone had any success with massage therapy or a chiropractor in improving circulation to the hands?? I also have Raynauds in my face and my nose runs constantly if it is 70 or below. It's annoying!!!
Larry Message
15 Jul 2014, 08:50 PM

I recently tried massage therapy for my arms, neck, and fingers. It didn't help one bit. I will try another therapist to see if that makes a difference. Please forward this to those who might be interested. I'm not sure how to navigate the post/reply page. Larry
kerrycore Message
17 Jul 2014, 01:53 AM

Larry, Do you have stiffness with your Raynauds? You may want to talk with a neurologist for other related diseases like myotonia congenita, paramyotonia congenita, etc. I have Raynauds and paramyotonia congenita. Massage therapy and chiropractors didn't work. You need to try to stay warm. The easiest way to stay warm is heat your body core - drink warm fluids, wear gloves/scarf/hat. I take diltiazem (cardizem) which eases my Raynauds symptoms - it is always a higher dose in the winter time. I hope this helps.
Larry Message
8 Oct 2014, 02:15 AM

I want to report that 6 massage sessions over a period of 6 weeks did not help my Raynauds one bit. The therapist massaged areas of my upper body that she said might help with the circulation in my hands. I am reluctant to try chiropractic because of this. Larry
Kat201 Message
9 Oct 2014, 11:12 PM

Hi Larry I take Nifedipine which really makes a difference to my Raynauds. I was on it a good 6 months though before it really kicked in. Never tried massage for this though and not sure if chiropractor can help sorry. Katrina