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Mapping Melanoma

yung70 Message
1 Jan 2009, 11:50 AM

The Melanoma Molecular Map Project (MMMP) website ( MMMP is the first open-access, interactive multidatabase dedicated to the translational research on melanoma/cancer (molecules > pathways > targeteddrugs > clinical trials). The aim of this non-profit project is to bring together the scientific community working to defeat melanoma/cancer by means of an online tool designed as a comprehensive and continuously updated databank collecting and organizing the huge and ever growing amount of knowledge on melanoma/cancer currently scattered in thousands of scientific publications. Besides being the first DISEASE-SPECIFIC SYSTEMATIC DATABANK, the MMMP provides both basic researchers and clinicians with an unprecedented tool to: 1) keep updated with melanoma/cancer research advances 2) stimulate new mechanistic hypotheses on melanoma/cancer biology 3) rationally support innovative anticancer therapeutic approaches following the principles of molecularly targeted personalized therapy 4) systematically store the scientific knowledge on cancer/melanoma in a rationally organized/open-access fashion. This project might represent the first opportunity of unifying the efforts of thousands of researchers from around the world so to speed up the pace of discovery of more effective anti-melanoma/cancer therapies. Given the poor life expectancy of many people diagnosed with cancer, hopefully the scientific community will not overlook this opportunity. Best William