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Unable to convert homosystene to metholiine

Wildeerth Message
22 May 2013, 02:02 AM

My son had severe high levels B12 homosystene levels are ment to be for him 10 years old 9.2-9.7 his was in the range of 97 way to high heart attack or stroke at anytime now levels normalise just getting his protein plasma amino acids all up.
Wildeerth Message
9 Oct 2014, 11:39 AM

Well levels always monitored now but treatment has normalized levels so betain powder used and b12 hydrocobazolime and calcium Folinate he also had all low plasma amino acids this has also been recorded red with pea protein isolate and rice protein isolate and has normalized chronic runny poo and allowed him to grow also amino acid 2000 mega mass tablet normalized plasma amino acids
TspineSryinx Message
13 Oct 2014, 08:18 AM

I've just been diagnosed as compound heter 677T 1298C I'm new to this and am trying to understand what you wrote. How was your son diagnosed? Have you learned about this from Dr. Ben Lynch? How old is your son and do you think you have this defect under control?
Wildeerth Message
13 Oct 2014, 09:02 AM

He never had mutation positive but they said that he had it anyway began treatment and is normal but will be on meds for rest of his life his treatment is betain powder used and b12 hydrocobazolime liquid and calcium Folinate. His 11 years