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Finally looking for others that can relate

britebluesky65 Message
27 Dec 2008, 09:18 PM

At 43 and having dariers along with cmt (charcot) disease its a double whammy. The pain and infections and how hard it is to find a doctor to help treat them and that will be there for you. Had same dermotologist since 12 and so want to find another that has more compassion.anyhow..Its so hard to find help.and it shouldnt be so. Then have all the things that go along with it. Was diagnosed at a young age at Mayo clinic with very lil they could do. Kind of had live with type thing and well there certainly is the discrimination that sorry say still happens cause of the appearnace,,in this day and age. So often i want stick up for my rights and those of others, but the stress it can cause is so hard on me. Read Charlenes message and my heart an prayers go out to you and can imagine the things you had to endure both physically and emotionally. God bless may we all and the researchers an doctors out there find answers. well sure hope we can all help each other
ConcernedMom Message
12 Jan 2009, 07:54 PM

So sorry for all you have been going through. My 21 year old daughter has been battling Darier's since she was 12 or so. What treatments are you currently trying? My daughter is doing primarily natural supplements and Tea Tree oil on the lesions themselves. She has had, for the most part, good results. I can relate to your frustration about the limited amount of resources and information. Doctors are very unaware and your responsibility is to educate them at this point. I think this could be a good forum to share thoughts and ideas.