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Difference in Symptoms

SallyBuckner Message
24 Jan 2013, 02:58 PM

There have been several postings about how one person has much worse symptoms than others of the same age or older. Genetics is still an imperfect science; just by knowing we have the gene we can't predict how bad symptoms will be or when they occur. There was a PBS show several years ago called 'The Ghost in the Gene"; it indicated that we still don't know why or when a gene is "turned on.' Several years ago my sister, 4 1/2 years younger than I, but with much worse symptoms, participated in a study at Kennedy-Krieger institute. Results: evidently my "bad gene" didn't turn on as early as hers. We were told whether a gene turns on appears (at this point) to be random.
Unsworthj Message
25 Jan 2013, 04:22 AM

Thanks Sally! I understand what you are saying what the docs say, but I can't help but think that what the docs are saying is "we don't have a clue". I wish they would just tell us that. My dad was a doc...I grew up around hospitals...we were always taught to think of them as "gods", and they're NOT. With all due respect. John Ft Worth TX