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Just joined and found this community by chance

SolidOrange Message
6 Jan 2013, 11:33 PM

Hi everyone. I recently joined RareShare due to my T-Cell LGL diagnosis and stumbled upon drnezin's profile a few minutes ago to discover the PAH community. Wow! I was diagnosed with PAH in summer '08. First, I was on Ventavis (iloprost) inhale solution for one year which worked fine before switching to the newest Tyvaso inhale solution. I have been on Tyvaso ever since and doing well considering everything. For having the T-Cell LGL leukemia just recently, my priorities in fighting my complicated health challenges have shifted dramatically. However, I'm keeping a close eye on PAH as well. In fact, there is a potential connection b/w the two as I have recently heard. I would be delighted to chat with anyone with this condition.