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Simons VIP Research opportunity

mwpotter Message
20 Dec 2012, 05:00 AM

The Simons Foundation is a well known organization that funds research in North America and Europe on the origins of autism. The Simons Variations in Individuals Project (SVIP) is currently investigating whether there are any connections between genetic copy variations and autism, as kids with such genetic micro-duplications and deletions seem to have an increased rate of autism. The project is based at several universities in different regions of the US and has recently expanded from chromosome 16 to include chromosome 1q21. My family just retuned from participating in the study at the University if Washington in Seattle. It was a phenomenal experience. The team of psychologists, therapists, and medical doctors was outstanding and spent the better part of two days with each of the members of my family. (There are four of us, though only one child with 1q21 duplication. The rest of us were tested as a control group and for points of comparison with our 4-year old.) It was the only time we've spent with doctors who've ever met and observed kids with this condition. Thy run a battery of medical and developmental tests: neurology, psychology, autism, motor skills assessments, etc. they also offer extensive feedback tailored to meeting your child's unique challenges -- very helpful when returning home to talk to doctors and educators working with your child at home. All expenses paid (generously): travel, meals, accommodations, even a stipend for each person who participates. Read more about it at Here is the info on how to participate:
JCR7676 Message
21 Dec 2012, 03:57 PM

Thanks! I signed up my son
phillipsvic Message
13 Jun 2015, 08:27 PM

Thank You!!!