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LGL and Plavix

cbduck Message
25 Aug 2012, 07:03 PM

Husband has had LGL for 16 years. Cyclosporine treatment since onset has kept blood levels stable (even though in low or alert levels). Had stent 5/31/12 and put on plavix. Only change to medications. Since this time, his blood levels (white, red, hemoglobin, neutrophiles and platlets) have dropped even lower. Dr. is running a couple of blood tests and has given him a B12 shot. Have read online about what Plavix can do to blood other than thin it. Rare cases of causing leukemia, neutropenia, throbocytepenia, etc. has anyone experienced any side effects with their LGL and Plavix? Husband is 68 years old, exercises daily and was doing OK before stent and Plavix. Not feeling that great now.