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AKoala03 Message
14 Jun 2012, 11:59 PM

So I have this pain in my right four arm.. I cant extend my arm straight. If & when I do I have a shooting pain like an electric shock run down my arm.. My hand by my thumb and pointer finger go numb and tingles.. If the pain starts i have to put pressure on my fore arm by the elbow crease or just under it! My arm feels better in an up position fisted to my chest! Please let me know what types of pains you are having?
Rescue2 Message
9 Jul 2012, 02:12 AM

I know you are posturing your arm for comfort and relief i did the same thing for awhile and then when it was paralyzed it was always in my way banging into things so i carried it in a splint,problem is now i have a permanently bent elbow, for love nor money can i get this thing to go all the way straight so you must resist that urge to fist it across your chest otherwise you will pay for it later in loss of mobility.