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Follow-up regimens?

klarr77 Message
12 May 2012, 05:00 AM

Hello, I see that there hasn't been much activity on here lately, but hello to you all. I'm a survivor of Askins from my teenage years and now teach biology and raise a couple of young sons. I had a question for those of you who are long-term survivors. What type of follow-up regimens do you follow -- i.e., what type of scans/labs, and at what intervals? I've moved around quite a bit and am now more or less settled in one place. I will be contacting my long-ago hemonc people for advice on this, but would appreciate any information you could give. Happy summer to you all! - Clare
obsessedwithlife Message
13 May 2012, 04:12 AM

Well it really depends on what treatment you had and what long-term side effects you deal with. I have heart checks from some of the chemo, chest check ups from the radiation, thyroid blood tests every 3 months, etc.
klarr77 Message
13 May 2012, 05:17 AM

Yes, it would depend on that. Mine was at 16, in the pleural membrane/lung, so have had some heart and pulmonary function followup due to chemo and radiation damage. Have you had bone checks? I remember being told that future bone cancer could be a risk of the chemo, but haven't yet had any scans. I was fortunate and had no recurrences. Emergency surgery, followed by two years of chemo, radiation and more surgery. Any 'major' side-effects are still to come, but as I've crossed to the far side of 40, I'm on the lookout more than I've been before. Take good care of you!
obsessedwithlife Message
13 May 2012, 07:48 AM

I have some bone checks but not recently. I have to be careful about additional radiation exposure. These may be useful for you too: I'm glad to 'meet' you and wish you continued health! Rachel
brown505 Message
13 May 2012, 11:50 AM

Hi! I see an oncologist once a year to determine any necessary tests. I only had chemo for 6 months and no radiation so he has not required too much out of the ordinary. I am really strict about following all of the standard guidelines though (physicals, skin checks, etc.). My regular doctors all (obviously) know my history and react to any concerns immediately. I made it a point to find doctors like that, even my dentist! Hope things continue to go well for you!