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stevensims Message
26 Apr 2012, 08:28 AM

Hi, Since the end of last year I have been suffering with very bad neuropathic pain and muscle spasm's. Last Friday I got some ZMA, it's a bodybuilding supplement containing: Zinc Sulphate 240mg, Chelated Zinc 40mg, Chelated Magnesium 426mg and, Vitamin B6 24mg, I have been taking these along with 4000iu Vitamin D3 and my spasm's have stopped, my leg muscles feel looser and I've reduced by pain medication Amitriptyline 100mg by 50%, I have been using Magnesium Chloride oil for a while but I think the combination above work together for better absorption. I have been using other medication like Lyrica together with Amitriptyline but I was still getting pain and it turned me into a zombie! I am also having trouble sleeping and I take 30mg Baclofen with 50mg Amitiptyline before bed to help me sleep. I think the less medication we take the better! Best wishes Steve
stevensims Message
26 Apr 2012, 07:35 PM

Since my holidays to Cyprus I've been racking my brain? what's different over there? I believe it's vitamin d from the sun and there is salt in the water, which contains magnesium, swimming, washing ect. I've been trying supplements but it's been trial and error, doctors I've met have no knowledge of supplements as they are trained with pharmaceuticals so there is limited advice from them. We are all different and also there are different mutations of the gene, as my symptoms are completely different to others, like spasm's in my arms, legs, breathing and bad neuropathic pain. Here's some info: Benefits of Zinc and Magnesium Both zinc and magnesium are essential minerals, required for hundreds of vital life functions. Zinc allows your body's immune function to work properly, providing support for your thymus gland and white blood cells. In a related capacity, it also helps your body heal properly from wounds. A 2011 study published in Cochrane Reviews found evidence that zinc may also help reduce the severity of cold symptoms. Zinc is a trace mineral, so its recommended daily amount of 15mg or men and 12 mg for women may seem quite low when compared to other minerals. Magnesium plays a major role in nerve and muscle function, essential for over 300 body processes. It helps your body metabolize food so that you have energy to carry out your everyday tasks. Its support of metabolism continues in its support of insulin production and use by your body. It is essential for bone formation as well as heartbeat regulation. Side Effects of Taking Zinc and Magnesium Generally, both minerals are safe to take. In fact, you may find supplements which include both along with calcium as a combination supplement to support good bone and teeth formation as well as prevent osteoporosis. Thanks Steve