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Rare Disease (Leap) Day

Publication date: 23 Feb 2024

February 29, 2024 is not only Leap Day, but Rare Disease Day. Please take a moment to think about how people across the globe can collectively make a leap forward to increase awareness and advocate for those with rare diseases. With an estimated one in ten persons affected by a rare condition, the numbers amount to hundreds of millions. Their needs are complex, as are the conditions themselves. Getting a diagnosis and finding appropriate medical care and support remain enormous challenges for many. For those with known conditions, getting information on best treatments and understanding on how to manage a disease is critical. For clinicians, caregivers and researchers at the forefront of patient interactions and science, growing knowledge of rare diseases and therapies is paramount. Your visit to the website shows that you care and is in itself a small step that can lead to a larger leap ahead. Let’s keep moving forward together.