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Don’t Sell Yourself Short: Having a Career after a Rare Disease Diagnosis

Publication date: 22 Jan 2020

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No one expects to get a rare disease diagnosis in their mid 20s at the start of a budding career, then get fired for spending too much time away getting treatment, but that’s exactly what happened to Candace Lerman in 2014. Now, almost 6 years later, inspired by her own quest for effective treatment, Candace has retrained as a lawyer and is fighting for new treatment approvals on Capitol Hill. Candace joins us to chat about her experience as a rare disease patient, how she went from losing her job, to succeeding at law school, and about the work she is doing to assist nonprofits in the rare disease space. Candace is also going to share some advice for rare disease patients who want to have a career, and give some tips about keeping your health data safe when taking part in clinical research.