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Antisynthetase ebook

Antisynthetase Syndrome: A Clinical and Research Perspective (Rare Genomics Institute & RareShare)

Publication date: 27 Feb 2017

Associated community Antisynthetase Syndrome

This e-book was compiled by the RG Scientific Analyst Team, which consists of highschool and undergrad students from across Canada: Riling Chen, Jessica Fung, Dororthy Qian-Led by Henry He and Supervised by Deepa Kushwaha, PhD, Scientific Director


Antisynthetase syndrome is a rare infammatory muscle disease with various clinical features, including lung disease and scarring (interstitial lung disease), skin and muscle inflammation (dermatomyositis, polymyositis), reduced blood flow (Raynaud’s phenomenon) and autoimmune disorders. It occurs in 1 of every 100,000 people, and is more common among women than men. This ebook is primarily based on an Ask the Expert podcast featuring Dr Fredrick Miller (NIEHS, NIH) and Dr Lisa Christopher-Stine (John Hopkins School of Medicine), and discusses novel diagnoses and treatments for the disease. The ebook also answers some common questions about Antisynthetase and is a good resource for both rare disease patients and family members.