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All About Genomic Sequencing for Rare Disease Patients: A Focus on iHope

Publication date: 19 Apr 2019

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Genomic sequencing is something many rare disease patients may need, but may not be able to access. The Rare Genomics institute runs a program called iHope to help children and their families afford genomic sequencing with the hope of finding a diagnosis, and a treatment. In this episode we chat with Romina Ortiz, a scientist and a co-founder of Rare Genomics to hear about the the potential costs of sequencing, the difference between exome sequencing and whole genome sequencing, and how, through iHope, Rare Genomics has provided $2.7 million worth of whole genome sequencing to patients in need. She also explains why genomic testing doesn’t always lead to instant diagnosis (only 20-30%), and shares some iHope success stories.