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New York Times Magazine DIAGNOSIS Series Looking for Patients

Last updated 24 Aug 2018, 02:00 PM

The New York Times Magazine’s long-running Diagnosis column, written by Dr. Lisa Sanders, has undertaken an exciting new crowd-sourcing experiment in which you— the reader— can write in to help diagnose patients dealing with real-time medical mysteries. These patient stories will also be featured in a Netflix documentary series which will air in 2019. The producers are looking for new cases to follow and feature in Dr. Sanders’ column and the series and are particularly interested in patients from underserved communities not often represented in television. If you are undiagnosed or have a personal medical mystery you’d like to share, please write in the first instance to the producers at All information will be treated in confidence and be subject to HIPAA guidelines (i.e.) you will need you to sign a HIPAA release before you disclose sensitive medical information.  

A Note from the Production Team:  Please don’t submit medical emergencies or conditions that require immediate care.   Please know that the producers cannot provide medical care or any kind of medical guidance or advice.  The goal here is to share individual stories with “the crowd”, to follow your journey as you seek a diagnosis and to potentially make appropriate information available to you.  You may share with your health care providers — who will then decide with you which leads make the most sense to follow. If you are under 18, please have your parent or guardian communicate with us.   

MORE INFO ON THE SERIES:  DIAGNOSIS is a co-production between Netflix, the New York Times, Scott Rudin Productions, and Lightbox. You can find more details about the series here: