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Rareshare 2.0 Launched

Publication date: 25 Feb 2017

RareShare is pleased to announce the February 28, 2017 launch of our new redesigned website– an online community where those affected by rare diseases can find support, guidance and information. It is hoped that this will be an active space where the isolation and uncertainty accompanying a rare disease diagnosis can be partially lifted.  The website launch date coincides with Rare Disease Day, an annual event to promote awareness of rare diseases and their impact.  


With the revamped website and periodic newsletters, RareShare plans to offer more engagement with its rare disease communities.  By striving to keep its content current, we expect to continually refresh the website and not allow communities to become dormant or stagnant. The refurbished RareShare aspires to be a vibrant, evolving space where patients, family members, caregivers, physicians, researchers and anyone interested in rare diseases can participate in an ongoing and focused effort to bring answers, support and treatment for the thousands of rare diseases that have been identified.


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