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Pharmtecheuropelogoimage1154360480157 EU and US unite against rare diseases

More than 50 million people in the EU and US alone suffer from rare diseases. The reluctance of drug manufacturers to commit R&D spend on these areas because of the low level of return, coupled with intense lobbying efforts of patient groups, has caused many regulatory agencies to introduce initiatives that have incentivized rare disease R&D.
Washingtonpost Sharing The Pain

Rare Disease Puts an AU Economist in Touch With Fellow Patients Around the World...
Lanacion100x13 Más allá de Facebook y MySpace

Aunque las redes sociales más populares tienen más de cien millones de usuarios, hay muchos navegantes que prefieren servicios de este tipo orientados a temáticas específicas, como las mascotas, los deportes o el café...
Logo_mdng 20 Best Health 2.0 Tools for Physicians and Patients

The premise of Health 2.0 rests on one simple idea: whatever your healthcare question or concern may be, there is a potential community of likeminded individuals out there who also have similar questions and are ready and willing to share information, opinions, and support.
Logo_sb Rare disorders bring people together via the Web

For conditions you think even your doctor doesn't know about, check out RareShare. The medical community connects people with rare conditions. The results — for Web traffic, at least — are impressive...
Gig RareShare - A New Site Connecting Those Affected by Rare Medical Disorders

RareShare — http://www.RareShare.org — is a new online network dedicated to connecting patients, families and healthcare professionals affected by rare medical disorders. The Site, which entered beta in July, offers free membership to the public. While membership is not necessary to view the site, it is required in order to contribute information and to engage with other members. Those who decide to become members can be assured that their information will be kept confidential.
Betanews RareShare social network builds an uncommon community

Even its proprietor says it's not a good thing when you have to join the RareShare social network, but for those suffering ultra-obscure diseases and disorders, it's a powerful resource.
Stlouispostdispatchlogo-lakewoodohio Finding healthy support in the online world

For the first six weeks, she lurked on the perimeter. Watching. And reading. She learned that flaxseed oil might help with her mood swings. And that zinc supplements could slow the rate of hair loss caused by some of the medications used to treat bipolar disorders. But more than anything, Joan Barnidge saw an opportunity for understanding.
Logo_torontostar For people with rare ailments, a way to connect

Oshawa pharmacist Rajni Kassett is sending a few of his customers, struggling with relatively rare diseases, to a new website. He's telling them they just might find the help and support there they sometimes feel they're missing...
Stlbizjournal St. Louis Business Journal Shop Talk

At RareShare, a startup that is providing Internet-based social communities for people with rare medical disorders...

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